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June 22 2003, 18:36:29 UTC 14 years ago

Yo, Cuteness, wanna take a dip in my river?
I dunt know who this is HAHA

Re: :)


June 23 2003, 17:23:55 UTC 14 years ago

i think ill just force you to look up, i wish when you do look up it was my face you saw.
Guav, you better be carefull. i think that strand of grass is trying to pick your nose.
it was attacking the camera.
poor camera. stupid grass.
you are too gorgeus. i think were soul mates.
but you're a psycho killer. I scurred.
ahh. look who it is. gorgeous boy again.

you havent sent me a pic back. bwa-haw. i posted some in art in nudity. they're a tiny bit artsyish. oh~oh~


i <3 your eyes
I am loving your eyes right now :P
thank you :]
i am in love with them this morning,and i didnt want to type but i am so THINK,but not really, i am so confused, i think i know like jumbles of stuff, but it might just be my want for the race to move underwater.
Just looking around and I saw this. The lighting is perfect. It makes you look beautiful. Where was it taken?
Central Park, Sheep's Meadow (NYC)
yous sayin i got me some properrrty in da smoke an dose foolz not be tellin my ass. daaamn.
i would have to say that is one of the hottest pictures i have seen in a while lol, really nice angle!
I have no idea how you came accross this year-old entry, but thank you :)
lol your welcome, i bumped into it looking for communities...