mmmhm (alostwallflower) wrote in toofuckingcool,

panjo is so emo guys.

alostwallflower: hey boy
Simplekillpanjo: hey bud
alostwallflower: havn't talked with you in a while, what are you up to?
Simplekillpanjo: nothingggggggggggggggggggggg.tired and hungry
alostwallflower: haha
alostwallflower: im bored, and im in a prison
Simplekillpanjo: really?is that some emo medaphorical comment,or are u really in a prison w/ a lap top?
alostwallflower: hahaha
Simplekillpanjo: =)
alostwallflower: well, since im sooooo emo
alostwallflower: i guess that means its an emo medaphorical comment
Simplekillpanjo: right o n! Those are fun.
alostwallflower: no, my parents are crazy and are trapping me.
alostwallflower: haha
alostwallflower: you're so emo panjo
alostwallflower: screw that "im hardcore" icon
Simplekillpanjo: whoa - so they trying to save you from the evil evil world outside?
Simplekillpanjo: I'm more hardcore them emo.
alostwallflower: yeah yeah, okay
Simplekillpanjo: when i take poops i swing my arms
Simplekillpanjo: i don't cry and write songs
Simplekillpanjo: it's all about the poops
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